Two Hungry Bees Mission

Two Hungry Bees mission is to bring mouth watering, fresh, healthy, authentic and popular Vietnamese home cooking to the South East of London.

Our Two Hungry Bees menu selections are inspired from our Vietnamese heritage and are from recipes that had been passed on through our mothers.

Our passion is to serve nourishing food from the heart, to feed the taste buds of the South East in the same way as we would to feed our two hungry bumblebees. We source fresh ingredients from local suppliers, uses free range products and home grown organic herbs.

Our Two Hungry Bees menu allow you to sample the best of the season’s freshest ingredients. A nutritious, wholesome and warm bowl of Pho Bo or Pho Ga and Hot Golden Crispy Spring Rolls, to fill empty tummies on a cold winter’s day. And a crunchy and spicy plate of chicken salad served with prawn crackers, and refreshing rolls of Gio Cuon, perfect for that summer stroll.